USBR 45 in Minnesota follows the Mississippi River - from the headwaters at Itasca State Park - to I ... Approximately 574 miles
USBR 121 connects USBR 21 in Chattanooga to USBR 23 just north of Lewisburg. U.S. Bicycle Route (USB ... Approximately 130 miles
USBR 11 begins at the New York state border near Lawrenceville, PA, and ends at the Maryland border ... Approximately 308 miles
USBR 20 in Minnesota begins at the WI line at the Prescott Drawbridge. In Hastings it joins USBR 45 ... Approximately 311 miles
USBR 45A in Minnesota is an alternate version of USBR 45 - connecting the headwaters of the Mississi ... Approximately 4 miles
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